A late addition to our programme …


The River College presents 

An informal conversation and cake-eating session thinking about Mirfield’s water systems

Saturday 14 July, Mirfield Library, 12 noon – 4pm 

What ways do we come into contact with and consume water on a daily basis? Where does it come from? How is it managed? Is it clean? Is it harmful? Who profits from it? Can we begin to understand our environment and learn about its multi-layered complexities through the creation of geographical cakes?

 Join artists and researchers for slice of artist-made geological strata cake and an informal chat about the water systems in the Calder valley.

Everyone welcome. Free, just drop in between 12 and 4pm. We invite people from all backgrounds and interests to exchange their ideas around water’s social, environmental, spiritual and political meanings, particularly in relation to the local area.

This event is hosted by Arts Catalyst & the River College as part of Mirfield Art Festival. Find out more at artscatalyst.org.

The River College is part of a long-term project looking at the Calder as a changing natural environment with a history of human activity, a focus for ecological concern and civic action, and a place for diverse artistic and cultural reflections.

Ruth Levene

Ruth Levene is an artist based in Sheffield, Yorkshire working in video, performance, events, digital drawings, walks, installations and participatory work. Curious and concerned by the complex systems we live by, she is currently exploring water systems, farming and market driven developments of the countryside.

Megan Clinch

Megan Clinch is a social anthropologist and lecturer at Queen Mary, University of London. Her research explores how different forms of investigation, experimentality, evidence, and evaluation are understood (or not) and managed in the development of public health interventions.

Nicola Triscott

Dr Nicola Triscott is a curator, writer and researcher. She is the Artistic Director/CEO of Arts Catalyst, one of the UK’s most distinctive commissioning contemporary arts organisations exploring the intersections between art, science and technology, and a Principal Research Fellow at the University of Westminster.

Anna Santomauro

Anna Santomauro is a curator, educator and researcher in micropolitics and socially engaged art. She is the co-founder of Vessel in Bari, Italy, a non-profit arts organisation dedicated to public programming in relation to contemporary social, political, and economic issues. She is Programme Curator at Art Catalyst.

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